Name Game.

29 Jun

Many new wives are excited about the journey ahead of them and their new husbands – building a home together, spending time together, learning how to be married, etc. Being a new wife is SO fun in SO many ways and I didn’t think I would hate anything about this new step in life. But for real, I found the most annoying thing about being a new wife. Changing my name!

My social security card, drivers license, passport, magazine subscriptions, facebook, twitter, my pay stub and MUCH more ALL have to be overhauled! It’s ridiculous! I went to the social security office – easy. And you would think that would be the hardest! But since my license is from North Dakota, I have to retest to get a Minnesota license and change my name. People have been calling me “Freeman” my entire life and now they say “April FreeeeeeeSutch!” because they also have to change my name.

I didn’t know how hard – what I have been calling the “name game” – would be until I tried to change my wordpress address. I now, for some reason can’t get into my account. After about a month of trying to open my account, I finally caved and made a new blog. Just as well. My old blog [] was devoted completely to cooking. I tried to transform it into something a little more me but it never worked. When we got married, my life felt like it went through a rinse. New amazing husband, new job, new home, new area of Minneapolis, etc. So here I start a new blog. This one, devoted to cooking, crafting, decorating, thrifting, but mostly loving. All of these things make me happy. And I am excited to blog about it!

You’re getting two blogs in one today really when I tell you that I was recently SO blessed to be asked to bake for my cousin-in-laws high school graduation open house. I spent over 2 weeks planning and over 3 days baking. Finally, the event happened and everything was great. Here are some pictures of what I baked:

Banana Nutella Wontons

Cake Pops

Mini Pop Tarts

I also made fruit pizza, homemade oreos, and special K bars. I forgot to take pictures of those 😦

Please leave some love on the new blog and thank you for visiting! ❤ I hope to post at least once a week!

Upcoming Posts:

  • Lasagna Rolls
  • Blue Living Room
  • Oreo Truffles
  • DIY Twine Ball Decorations
  • And much more!

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