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I’m sorry. April can’t come to her blog right now, she’s on her first ever vacation as an adult. Once she returns from Los Angeles, she will update you. For now, please read this amazing guest post by Katie Berry of House Wife How To’s. She’s sharing her Top 10 tips on housework.

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My Top 10 Housekeeping Tips

When people find out that I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning, they’re always surprised. Truth is, I enjoy having a clean house, but the process of getting there? Not so much. That’s why I’ve spent a couple of decades collecting (and memorizing) tips to make cleaning easier and, most importantly, faster. Because, frankly, I’d rather play video games with my son or “window shop” for shoes online than spend the day cleaning. So, at April’s request, I’m going to share my Top 10 Tips with you in the hope they help you find more time to play with your kids… or your shoes.

1. Make your bed every morning: it gives you forward momentum the rest of the day. The clothes on the floor will look out-of-place, the shoes by the door will beg to be put away, and you’ll find yourself happy to take care of them.

2. Tidy your bathroom when you use it. Swish water in the sink to clean away toothpaste, then grab a dry washcloth and buff away spots on the mirror. Put your makeup and things away, wet the cloth and wipe off the vanity. Suddenly, your bathroom looks presentable.

3. Keep the kitchen sink empty. A clean sink reminds family members to pick up after themselves, while a sink full of dirty dishes gives them permission to add to the mess. Clean dishes as you cook, too, and your kids won’t feel overwhelmed when asked to help with the dinner dishes.

4. Do laundry daily. For instance: sheets on Mondays, towels on Tuesdays, darks on Wednesdays, brights on Thursdays, lights on Fridays, underwear and socks on Saturdays, and whites on Sundays. Start your load while you’re waiting for the coffee pot, transfer it to the dryer or hang it out after breakfast, and you’ll be done with laundry long before lunch.

5. Clean and prep produce the day you buy it. What’s the point of buying produce if it’s just going to rot in the fridge? Cut carrots and celery into sticks right away, slice melons into wedges, tear lettuce and wrap it in paper towels; the half-hour it takes will help you eat that produce while it’s still fresh, and may even cut down on unhealthy snacking!

6. Forbid shoes in the house. Eighty percent of household dust comes in on the soles of our shoes. Keep nice baskets near entrances and ask your family to remove their shoes and it’ll cut down how much dusting and vacuuming you have to do.

7. Tackle the clutter regularly. Kitchen counters and tables are notorious clutter magnets. Keep the mess from taking over by purging it regularly or, at a least stacking it neatly. (Chances are while you’re stacking, you’ll find things to purge.)

8. Clean, even when things look clean. Once you’ve developed a cleaning schedule, stick to it even when things look clean. Just like exercise, once you skip a day it gets too easy to skip another and another, until you’re faced with a horrible mess that feels too big to deal with.

9. Never leave a room empty-handed. Most of a room’s clutter is simply stuff that belongs somewhere else. You can spend an entire day (or even a weekend) de-cluttering a room, or you can do it a little at a time. Which sounds easiest to you?

10. If it only takes a minute, spend that minute NOW. Straighten the sofa pillows. Dust the coffee table. Wipe the fingerprints off the microwave. There are so many housekeeping tasks that take a minute or less, but tackling them one at a time can make a huge difference. Think you’re too busy? Set a timer to go off every 60 minutes, then tackle five tasks. By the end of the day you’ll be stunned how much better your house looks!

Check out more tips from Katie here. She certainly has helped me around my house!

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  1. beth July 11, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    LOL 1 – 5 no problem plus 9, the rest…I guess I need to work on 🙂


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