LA Eats

18 Jul

Over the fourth of July, my husband and I finally went on a much-needed vacation! We went to Los Angeles, CA for four days and it was a dream. I wanted to recap some of the things we did as well as the amazing food!

The Hollywood Sign! For some reason, I was SO excited to see this!

See the stars on the ground behind us? This is us at the Hollywood walk of fame 🙂

Us in front of Jinpachi – where I had the best sushi EVER

And also this yummy chocolate souffle!

Blu Benedict from The BluJam Cafe on Melrose Avenue!

One of the highlights of my trip! Sprinkles Cupcakes! A very famous cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills. I had one red velvet cupcake and one peanut butter chocolate. Best cupcake I have ever had.

Funny Story: When they told Kevin the total for our bill, he looked a little scared and gave them his card. Later he told me the cupcakes were $90! I was shocked! WHAT? Were they made of gold?! I asked to see his receipt and it said $9, not $90. When I asked Kevin why on earth he would pay $90 for 2 cupcakes he said “I love you!” I was kind of shocked, I don’t love myself enough to buy $90 cupcakes! My husband is awesome.

Let’s talk about this pizza. We wanted pizza and wanted to find the best spot in LA, so I googled it and found Bottega Louie, a place in downtown LA that was so crisp and clean I felt like I was eating in a hospital. It was beautiful. Open kitchen with copper pots, a food bloggers dream kitchen. This pizza was perfect. Crisp but soft at the same time! They also have a bakery. With a WALL of macaroons!

A WALL OF MACAROONS. French Macaroons. I bought two, a earl grey and a salted caramel. This place made a macaroon lover out of Kevin. I wish I would have boughten more.

This may be dumb but I have been hearing about Chic Fil A for years and how wonderful it is. I had chicken nuggets and they were really good!

We also went to Gramins Chinese Theater, Venice Beach, drove around the Hollywood Hills, and spent some time with my cousin and a friend of mine. The best part of this vacation was spending quality time with my husband. Really. It was great!

(Venice Beach)

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