Salted Caramel Sauce

14 Aug

There are tons of recipes floating around Pinterest right now on the easiest ways to make caramel. “microwave it!” “only 2 ingredients!” “crock pot it!” while I have tried many of these recipes (and miserably failed at a lot of them) this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker stood out to me. I was nervous about the outcome. The sugar, like she said, was lumpy at first. My husband laughed at me trying to make it while my face was scrunched. “I am not giving up! The recipe said there will be lumps!” I almost prayed over those lumps of sugar. “Please sugar, please please please caramelize. Restore my faith in homemade caramel.”

The sugar did eventually unclump, but then the butter wouldn’t mix in! WHAT?! “Dear butter, mix with the sugar!” It was annoying. I started slowly pouring in the cream and took it off the heat. The cream is the magic. “Oh heavy cream, you are my saving grace!” (My husband was rolling his eyes at this point)

I let the caramel sit as long as I could before putting it on ice cream. I did pray over the ice cream. Asking the god of cream to be kind to me. One bite and my eyes were wide. “Oh. Wow.”

The nerve-racking 15 minutes at the stove where you believe this caramel won’t work are worth it when you eat it. Trust me. Don’t give up on this caramel!!!

I am not going to post a recipe for this because to change it would tilt the caramel world. It’s perfection. I dipped bananas in it. Swirled it over ice cream. I am thinking of making more and making truffles out of it. Yum yum yum. What did the world do before food blogs?

Recipe: Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce by Brown Eyed Baker

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